Dropified vs Oberlo

Trying to choose between Oberlo vs Dropified?

What Is Oberlo?

As one of the original dropshipping apps that came out about the same time that Dropified did – like us, they are one of the more mature and full-featured apps on the market.

As a result, you’d expect them to offer a full range of automation tools and features, similar to Dropified.

Well, let’s have an Oberlo review and look at how it is set up and if they’re a good fit for what you’re looking for in a dropship business.

How Do We Compare Oberlo and Dropified?

When it comes to running an eCommerce business that you can grow and scale, automating everything you can becomes crucial to your success.

So, how does Oberlo app stack up against Dropified?

Check out this comprehensive Feature Comparison Chart below to see for yourself – and see if you can spot the differences:

As you can see by reviewing the comparison chart – there are a ton of features and automations that Oberlo app simply does not offer, and those missing features in Oberlo will cost you a LOT of time in terms of manual process, and ultimately cost you a lot of money in terms of lost productivity and/or hiring people to run those tasks for you.

Here are a few Key Automation Features that are crucial to running your business that they are just plain missing:

Captcha Solver

For dropshippers that are looking to grow and scale, this is a biggie. Having to be in front of your computer (or paying an employee to do this for you) and having to solve hundreds or even thousands of Captchas per day is a massive waste of time and money that could be invested elsewhere.

That’s why Dropified is proud to offer a Captcha Solver on our Builder Plans and an Unlimited High Speed Captcha Solver on our Premier Plans.

Right now, neither Orbelo nor any other competitor that we know of is offering this power automation feature.

Our Captcha Solver gives you hours and hours of your time back each week so that you’re focused on growing, not chained to your computer on mundane tasks that should be automated.

Auto Place Order Button

With Dropified, you can now select multiple orders and have them process in the background. We developed this feature to reduce the number of order windows open in AliExpress, and prevent anti-fraud software from flagging the user, inundating the business owner with Captcha, and potentially blocking the IP address of our members. No one has time for that.

Now when you click the button to place your order, and select auto place order, it will automatically go into a queue. You will see a popup confirmation or summary of your orders in queue. If there is a question mark, there was a problem that requires some attention (and may be in your variance mapping information).

The popup will list all orders that have been placed in the queue, and update you when they have completed (and moved on to the next order in the sequential list).

Oberlo does not offer this powerful, time-saving automation.


Did you know that conversion rates can increase as much as 6% just by having a Toll Free Number or Contact Number on your stores website and landing pages……and you can manage all of the call flow right from Dropified.

With CallFlex, you’ll have access to:

  • Toll Free Number: You can now offer your own toll free US number. It’s great for marketing and a national presence plus it can make your business sound more professional.
  • Vanity Numbers: Companies like 1-800-FLOWERS use vanity numbers to make it easy to remember, and now you can too. Select your own custom US number.
  • Custom Phone Greeting: You can quickly create your own greetings for your customers when they call.

They can be set to play right at the start as a professional welcome, as a voicemail greeting, or even as an away message when you can’t answer. Business phone greetings can give your small business a larger and more professional appearance. They can also help you save on labor costs by replacing a live person for answering calls.

  • Enhanced Call Reports: Keep track of calls and voicemails easily with online call reports. You can track minute usage for each voice mail extension as well as have a record of each phone number that calls you. Search for specific numbers, get call history and much more.

There are a LOT of opportunities of using custom phone greetings – You can even allow a place for your customers or retailers to contact you for bulk or wholesale orders. The options are limitless.

Oberlo does not offer this powerful call and conversion-increasing feature.

Auto Place Order for Bundled Products

While it appears that Oberlo offers the ability to create and sell Product Bundles, they don’t offer the ability to Auto Place Orders for those bundled sales.

That means users are going to have to figure out how to handle the orders and management of multiple Oberlo suppliers and vendors across different product variations, which is extremely time consuming to do manually and very easy to mess up your customers orders.

Dropified customers, the savvy sellers they are, are busy creating unique product bundles in just minutes from as many suppliers as they want, and with as many different variations as they want and handling order management in just a few simple clicks in just a few minutes or less!

Again, these are just a few but critical differences in the automation, time and money saving features that Dropified offers its users that Oberlo simply does not offer.

Just these few highlighted automations and features represent hours and hours of time wasted each day doing manual tasks……tasks that Dropified automates in a few button clicks and in just minutes per day. These automations can easily mean the difference between running a successful and growing business… or creating yet another job for yourself.

Oberlo Vs. Dropified Chrome Extensions

Both Oberlo and Dropified offer Chrome extensions that allow you to find and import products into your eCommerce store.

One of the biggest differences between the two is that the Oberlo chrome extension only lets you import from AliExpress……while Dropified lets you import from a number of sites, including AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart and dozens more sites.

This is a huge advantage to being able to import thousands of products from so many more sources……especially when you consider that this opens up being able to select U.S. vendors you can work with that will drop ship from within the U.S.

That means you can source and sell products from U.S. vendors that can ship products and have them to your U.S. customers in just days, and not weeks like it takes to ship from China.

Why Dropified Is The Smart Choice

At the end of the day, when you review the Feature Comparison between Oberlo vs Dropfied, it would take a lot more time and space here to highlight all the features we have to automate your business that they are just simply missing…and all of those missing features add up really quickly in terms of wasted time having to do everything manually…and all the money you are LOSING because you’re too busy getting bogged down in creating more jobs for yourself or your staff – instead of being focused on revenue generating activities.

So, if you’re serious about starting and growing your eCommerce business the right way from the beginning through automating almost every aspect of your drop shipping business……look no further than Dropified.

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